Know the Best selfie apps that are available for your Android!

Are you one of those who like to click on a picture at every moment of the day? Are selfies just your kind of thing? Well, it is the time you check out some of the Best selfie apps for your phone!

With a good selfie app for your Android, you can surely make the best of yourself and your surroundings and reserve those moments for a lifetime.

Check out these 5 apps that make the base for great selfies:

With an Android in every hand, here is a checklist of apps that make your clicked selfies as one of the best!

  • Candy Camera:

As one of the topmost apps for selfies as rated by Google Play Store, this app has more a hundred filters that allowing viewing of real-time effects on them. Developed by JP Brothers specifically for Android 2.3.3 version, this has a number of in-app purchase options for bettering the effects. Check out Google Play Store now!

Best selfie apps

  • You Cam Perfect Selfie Cam:

Touted as one of the Best selfie apps in recent times, this app is compatible with Android 4.0 and upwards. Developed by, this has some of the best editing tools to provide that perfect selfie.

Apart from general tools, there are a host of features such as stylization of face, face reshaper and beautifying effects.

  • Bright Camera:

Are you one of those who are first to share the picture online? With this app, specifically suitable for Android and other platforms, you can click your selfie, beautify it as per your choice with a number of effects that are present, and post it on your social networking sites, with a quote!

  • Selfie Studio:

 This is one of those apps that specifically use front facing camera, brightens up your face, and choose splashes of colour to make the best of pictures! Developed by Vinghom, this is perfectly suitable for Android 2.3.3 and upwards model.

  • Retrica:

 Finally comes an app that calls for editing of photo along with taking some of the best selfies. This has options such as collage maker, timer and watermarking options to add on to the filters present!

Available in specifically Android platform of topmost versions, this includes some of the Best selfie apps in recent times. So make sure you get yourself the best!